Give your party the WOW factor and hire a Luxury Jacuzzi Spa for an amazing experience that you and your guests will never forget. Or hire it for that special romantic surprise or anniversary. Perhaps you are thinking about the benefits of owning your own spa but want to try it out first? Contact us and we give you an extremely reasonable quote alongside our usual first class service.

From the second you blissfully sink into the warm bubbling water you will feel your cares float away and stress levels will simply disappear as the water gently gives you a wonderful hydrotherapy massage that will ease tension away from your body and relax you completely.

The National Sleep Foundation state that soaking for fifteen minutes in a warm jacuzzi can ease stress and help you sleep better. Rheumatologist Dr Jack Klippel, medical director of the Arthritis Foundation states "The heat from the warm water makes joint movement in the person with arthritis much easier" and he considers jacuzzi spa’s an important part of his therapy.

We will set up your spa, give you training on the correct usage and ensure you have everything to make this an enjoyable and happy water massage experience. Chemicals will be supplied with your Spa for water sanitation, however it is the hirers responsibility to ensure the sanitizer is used to keep the water clean at all times.

Please Note; all our Jacuzzi’s are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between hires.