Do you want to say ‘Wow that was amazing’ ‘Awesome’ ‘ Soooo much fun’ ‘I want to do it again’ ‘Fantastic I loved it’ ‘In all my 70 years I don’t think I have laughed so much’? Well come along and have a go on our brilliantly bouncy Hydrospheres. It’s such an exhilarating experience and terrific fun. Walking on water has never been easier.

Rugby players, thousands of Girl Guides and even RAF Officers have told us that the Hydrospheres have been their best workout for ages and have enjoyed it so much have booked us again and again. Why not consider having us at your corporate event or festival? Your guests will be hugely entertained by the excitement of Hydrosphere madness.

Also contact us for details of having your own Hydrosphere party and be the talk of the town! Rates for a 2 hour party with 2 fully trained members of staff start at £140. We can also offer a complete party package of Hydrosphere, Zorb and Luxury Spa for the ultimate party of a lifetime.

The process for having such a fun time is quick and simple. You simply step into your Hydrosphere and we partially zip you up and inflate your Hydrosphere. When fully inflated we close the zip, (which is the same zips they use deep sea diving so they are totally water tight and very strong), and then off you go and run, jump, somersault, dance and have the time of your life!

Your Hydrosphere is inflated with fresh air and this air lasts approx 25 minutes. A regular Hydrosphere session lasts approximately 3-4 minutes.

The price of water the largest pool works out at approximately £16.00. All our pools need to be sited on level ground and have access to a water supply within 100 meters.