Orb Racing:
10 metre x 10 metre arena or a 20 metre x 20 mere arena. We can also provide you with two 30 meter tracks for some seriously good competitive Zorbing!

Range in size from our 14 foot diameter (1 Hydrosphere) pool takes approximately 2 hours to fill. The 5 metre x 6 metre (Dual Hydrosphere pool) takes approximately 6-7 hours to fill. The 5 metre x 7 metre (Trio Hydrosphere pool) takes up to 10 hours to fill. Once you are inside a hydrosphere it takes only a few seconds to inflate and then you're off to have fun.

Luxury Spa:
Your spa needs to be set up on a level surface, within fifteen metres of a water supply and a 13amp mains socket; we have an outdoor/insulated fifteen meter extension lead that we supply with the spa. Filling time is normally less than an hour and takes approx twelve hours to heat up to an enjoyable temperature of between 37-40 degrees centigrade (may take longer in winter and less time in the summer).


Given that our activities are mainly child orientated, we have ensured that all our staff are fully trained by Home Office trained Therapists and Tutors and are given statutory guidance on making arrangements to safeguard and promote the welfare of children under section 11 of the Children Act 2004. All of our staff are CRB checked.

We take a lot of care to ensure that insurances and risk assessments are kept fully up to date and comply with all health and safety regulations. We also have extremely good public liability insurance, we offer a fun and exciting service but we also want to ensure that we are providing peace of mind for our customers.